Marketonomy is managed by Caroline Allen, who has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications across the IT, retail and education sectors.  She has built up a range of associates and contacts, all specialists in their field, and regularly works with these organisations and consultants to deliver the best solution for you and your business.  Marketonomy charges a daily or hourly consultancy rate, depending on what the project entails and how long it is expected to last.  External costs for each project are quoted to you by Marketonomy - there are no additional charges or extravagant ‘mark-ups’ for this.

We visit you for our first meeting free of charge to discuss your aims and objectives.  We then come back to you with our proposals and some approximate costings.  Assuming you wish to go ahead, Marketonomy will then write a full brief for each project, and manage it on your behalf.  We are happy either to work within your offices as part of your team, or from our office near Pewsey, Wiltshire. Our consultancy rate is the same whichever route you choose, and we only charge travel expenses for distances over 20 miles.  Other expenses, such as telephone, postage and rail travel are charged to you at cost.

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